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Seriously! Clean that ceiling fan. It’s beyond dirty at this point, and you have put it off long enough. With good reason though, as ceiling fan blades are one of the most difficult surfaces to clean. The really annoying part though is how good at collecting dirt and dust they are. When you let them go, each blade can become completely covered with unwanted debris. Now if you switch the fan on when it is dirty like this, guess what? That’s right. All of this dust, allergens and other yucky stuff starts blowing around the room, only to be inhaled,  and quite possible coughed up by you. What particles don’t enter into someones lungs, will inevitably settle to be cleaned of of some other surface.

So clean that ceiling fan regularly to improve the health of everyone in your home, increase airflow, and make the place look nice and clean. The benefits are great, but this is one of those jobs that gets put off week after week, and month after month. Why? Because it is a huge pain. If you don’t have the right tool handy, then you will need a chair or step stool just to be able to reach. Once you get up there the real fun begins, because most likely you will use a duster or rag to try and wipe the area clean. But as soon as you wipe, the stinking fan will start to spin. This gets you into a sort of balancing act crossed with a circus trick to stop and spin the blades while wiping the top, bottom and sides of each blade. If you are lucky enough to not fall and break your neck, then you may be left with a somewhat clean fan. In most cases though you will need to go over  it again using a similar procedure, with the addition of some sort of spray cleaner. Once you defy death this time, you should have a pretty darn clean ceiling fan, but quite frankly, there is a much easier way.

Once again, this is a case of having the right tool for the job. The ideal ceiling fan cleaner would have a long pole to eliminate the climbing on chairs and stools. It would also be designed in such a way that you would be able to clean the top and bottom of each blade at the same time, and with a single pass. Lucky for everyone reading this, a tool like this already exists. It is a microfiber duster, and when purchased in our kit, it comes with a commercial grade telescoping handle to allow you to reach way up high.

This duster consists of a flat, flexible wand that has an advanced microfiber sleeve around it. The wand is threaded at the bottom, so you can use it alone, or attach it to a pole for an extremely long reach. The microfiber dusting sleeve is totally washable and reusable and it has amazing cleaning power. Because it is made with extra long nap, it is able to skim surfaces to remove all kinds of dirt, dust and debris with just a single swipe. It will create a static charge that sucks in the dust, and locks it in the fibers until you are done cleaning. The flexible body of this duster allows it to bend and conform to what ever you need to clean with a quick and simple adjustment. This means that it is perfect for ceiling fans, but you will also get a lot of use for other tasks too. Bend it to create a circular duster that can slip right over ceiling fan blades to clean every side all at the same time. Use it flat to clean in cracks between and behind appliances, or give it an L-shaped bend to dust shelves and other high up places.

To clean your ceiling fan, simply attach the microfiber duster to the end of the pole. Fully extend the pole to achieve your maximum reach. Make sure that the duster is bent in such a way that it will completely go aroung your ceiling fan blades, and be able to touch and clean every side at once. After everything is set up, simply attck the chore, one blade at a time. Slip the duster over a blade and move it back and forth to clean. It should take very little time and very little effort to achieve outstanding results.

A job that is incredibly frustrating and difficult can be made easy just by having the  right tool. Unlike other ceiling fan cleaning devices, this one actually works, and will outperform virtually any other, but you also get the benefit of being able to use this duster for other jobs too. When not attached to the pole, this duster can be used like any other regular style duster to clean and remove dust from all over your home office or vehicle. It is sold at an affordable price for such a versatile tool, and will make it easier than ever to get you ceiling fan clean. So stop worrying about what might fly out when you flip that switch. Do your nose, lungs and allergies a favor and get a tool that will make it a fast and easy chore to clean every ceiling fan in your home.

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