A Building Toy Powered By Suction

squigz_starter-2Most building toys snap together, or stack without connection. This results in fun for sure, but it also guarantees rigid structures, predictable applications and difficulty for some children. Pieces are generally small in size, and  connecting parts can be difficult to work with. Each part is usually hard to the touch, and play is usually structured by following step by step instructions. When you step out of the brick and block world, the choices are few, but a growing number of toys are beginning to emerge with unique shapes, and never before tried attachment methods.

Squigz are building blocks in funky shapes, and they attach to smooth surfaces, and each other, by using suction power. There are several figures in each set, and they all have a different number of suction cups. The main body of each piece is a perfect sphere, and each one will have suction cup protrusions at different angles. Some will have as few as one, while others will have several. A simple press will result in a strong bond between two Squigz, or allow you to suspend them from smooth, flat surfaces. They are perfect for everyday play, but they  also make great bath toys, and the construction is totally outdoor friendly. Combine several together to build crazy monsters, odd vehicles, or silly structures. Children won’t be able to form solid walls, or brick houses, but they will be able to stretch their imaginations to create an endless number of fun projects.

How They Work

Each piece is made from pure silicone, so they are colorful, durable, long lasting and resistant to odors and staining. They are easily washable, and the high quality material allows them to grip really well. Just like any other suction product, these work by holding firm to smooth materials and other cups. For this reason, you can attach to tables, windows, desk tops, counters and other materials, or you can stick pieces together to build large objects. Simply press and apply direct pressure to connect or attach. The bond will be strong and immediate. To take apart, simply pull in opposite directions and listen for the pop. A fun popping noise will be heard as the bond is broken thanks to the powerful hold.

Compatible Surfaces

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Mirrors
  • Tile
  • Polished Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Polished Stone
  • Any other smooth and flat material.

Available Options

These fun building blocks come in two standard sets, and you can also get packages of specific figures to end up with the exact mix you want. The starter set includes 24 pieces, and the deluxe offers a total of 50. The larger package offers the best value, but a smaller set may be better for a gift, or someone just starting out. Each option will provide a variety of parts, and will include some of each figure. The available pieces each have a name, so look for 8 Different types. Zorbit, Wonkity, Gobnob, Skootch, Yoink, Grippity, Doodle and Pip will all be represented when you choose either the starter or deluxe package.

What About Toddlers?

For smaller hands and curious mouths, there is a Squigz set just for infants and toddlers. It has only three pieces, but they are much larger, feature a textured exterior, and have a gentle rattle on the inside. They still stick to each other, and you can also attach them to smooth surfaces. Place one on a walker or high chair to add fun or distractions, or let your baby hold, squeeze and shake it in their hands. The bright colors and soft materials are very attractive to little kids, and the versatile play-ability allows for many options for fun. Keep them focused when out to eat, add a toy to your car window, provide the perfect teether and so much more. If your child is not quite old enough for the building and stacking that can be done with the regular set, get them PipSquigz instead.

Get them a toy that sucks in a good way!

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