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Dirty clothing is something that we all deal with. In most cases, a quick trip through the wash is all that it takes to get them clean again. In those other cases though, it can turn into a never ending battle of trying to remove stubborn spots. Staining can occur for any number of reasons, and getting them out of your clothes can be a bit of an art form unless you are using the right stuff. Many of us are not sure when to use something extra, or what the heck it that extra should be for any given spot of dirt, ink or food.  Many stain pretreaters or fabric cleaners are not that great at what they are designed to do. Other ones can be dangerous to use on certain fabrics, and often traditional types of stain fighters will have fabric restrictions too. You also run into the problem of stain specific cleaners  that are only designed to work on a certain type of dirt.  This means that in order to be ready for any type of grime your spouse or children throw at you, most of us have several different stain sticks and additives lining the shelves of our laundry rooms. The funny part about it is that most of them probably don’t even work when you go to use them.

You buy one because it is supposed to remove a certain stain and allow you to hold onto a favorite piece of clothing, but more often than not, the results are mediocre at best, and it ends up just being a decoration on the shelf. Sure, you may try it again on another stain down the line, but the frustration starts to build when none of these things are really working.

This doesn’t even take into account the safety of any of these cleaners. Most laundry stain fighters are highly toxic, and if you really look at it, the ones that produce the best results are probably the ones that are most detrimental to your health in the long run. And if they are a danger to your well being, they also probably pose a risk to your garment if used improperly. Certain “stain removers” are nothing more than hard core bleach or some other form of chemical burn. They end up removing the pasta sauce stain, but leave behind a white spot instead. Its clean right?…. Wrong. It is just ruined in a different way, but meanwhile you have spent time and money, and most likely inhaled toxic fumes and/or exposed your skin to some form of less than healthy chemical.

Well wouldn’t it be nice if there was a stain fighter and laundry pretreater that actually worked? How about one that was also safe for all fabrics, and made with safe and natural ingredients? Of course you would say yes. Yes to something that works. Yes to less frustration and less time spent doing the laundry. And yes to using one environmentally friendly cleaner for all of your clothes, any time there is a stain.

Quick n Brite is just such a cleaner. You may have never heard of it before, but all kinds of people have been using it to remove stains from clothing for well over 50 years now. It’s been around for along time because the results it produces are amazing, it works on almost any kind of stain, and it is safe to use on all clothing types. It can easily remove blood stains, grass stains, grease and oil stains, juice, coffee and many other ones that most stain fighters have no chance against. It can of course remove mud stains and regular dirt, but will also work on gum and tar and so much more. The only stains you can’t take out of a shirt or pair of pants using this stuff is rust or permanent ink. Everything else is fair game. It works incredibly well, and is also super easy to use. What makes it even better is the fact that you can also use it for hundreds of other jobs too. Buy it for use as a stain remover and laundry pre-treater, but then discover all of the other things you can clean with it too. It can be a complete detergent replacement, a kitchen cabinet  cleaner, soap scum cleaner for your bathtub, use it to clean oil stains in the driveway, shampoo your carpets and so much more. This one cleaner is more effective and safer than virtually anything else available.


There are two ways to go about using Quick n Brite to clean fabric. You can use it to pre-treat the stain and then send it through the wash, or you can do a spot cleaning and wait to wash the garment later. A pre-treat will be quicker and easier, but you have to wait for the washing machine to finish the job. With a spot cleaning, you can take that coffee stain out of your shirt, and head of to work without changing. This can be a convenient choice for those emergency situations.


Depending upon the toughness of the dirt you are cleaning, you either want to use it full strength in the paste or liquid form, or dilute it down into a spray bottle using 3 tablespoons in a quart of water. In most cases the diluted solution will be just fine, but for tough stains, using the paste full strength will produce better results faster. To pretreat a spot before doing laundry, it is as easy as dousing it with your mixed solution from a spray bottle, or applying some paste with your fingers directly on the spot. You can use a tool if you want, but the ingredients are so safe, you don’t have to. It is actually good for your skin, so using your fingernail to work the cleaner into a spot can be a quick and effective way to apply it. Once applied simply fold the clothing over on itself, and then toss it in the hamper to wash later. As it sits, the Quick N Brite will begin breaking down the stain and lifting it off the fabric. It works like an enzyme to take apart the bits of organic stain and then separate it from your clothes so that when you wash it, the shirt will come clean and look good as new.


Spot cleaning is similar, but instead of the machine finishing the job, you will. This can be a more convenient way to go in many cases because you can delay washing if you need to. If you just spilled a drink, or the kids got stains on their pants right before you were going to head out the door, then spot cleaning a stain is the way to go. You can have a clean outfit again in minutes just by taking some quick n brite and removing the mess. Use either full strength, or a dilution just like for the pretreat, but this time you will also need a dry terry cloth towel. Once the cleaner is applied, you are going to use this towel to buff out the stain. If it is a really bad one, you may want to let the Quick n Brite sit on there for a few minutes because as it sits, it is doing the work for you. You will notice right away that the stain transfers right to the towel and your clothes are left clean. In most cases you can remove every sign of stain and cleaner with just the dry towel, but you may need to rinse with water and then buff again to make sure there isn’t any cleaner left on your clothes. It’s not bad for the garment to have some left on there, but if you are going to leave the house you probably don’t want people to see the dried cleaner on you clothes. After all, you just spent time removing that stain didn’t you?

This stuff will work on just about any kind of dirt, and will clean any kind of clothing or fabric. It doesn’t matter what you have used before, if the stain is washed in, or how long it has been there. Quick n Brite is almost magical in the results it produces and it is super easy to use. It is safe around children and pets and won’t harm the environment when it goes down the drain. If you have a stained piece of clothing that nothing has worked on it, or you are just looking for a safer more effective way to clean your clothes, then you need to give this a try. It comes with a full satisfaction guarantee from us on top of a full money back guarantee from the manufacturer. This stuff really works, and if you don’t find that it produces amazing results and gets your clothes cleaner than ever, we will give you your money back. It’s just that simple.

Try it for stains on clothes and then also use it to spot clean carpet, remove spots from furniture, clean your tub or shower and so much more. This one eco friendly cleaner can replace every bottle you have under the kitchen sink, and will work better with faster and cleaner results.

Quick n Brite



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  1. Stains are easier to remove if they’re treated immediately. I tried your formula for stain removal and it worked! Thanks a lot.

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    • Agreed. Quicker=better. The faster you move on any type of stain, the easier it will be to clean. The great thing about Quick N Brite is that can actually have good results on both old and new stains.

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    • Agreed. Quicker=better. The faster you move on any type of stain, the easier it will be to clean. The great thing about Quick N Brite is that can actually have good results on both old and new stains.

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