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Best Kitchen BroomWhich broom is the best to use in the kitchen? That’s easy. The same broom that outperforms all others in every other part of the house, is also the best one for use on the tough and annoying messes in your kitchen. It does matter if it is wet stuff, sticky stuff, gooey stuff, or regular old crumby stuff, this broom can sweep it all. Instead of bristles sticking together, or floating over the top, this broom will power through any type of mess to clean it up quickly. It will not wear as fast from regular use, and it will do a better job with less effort necessary. All of the annoying things about that flimsy, grocery store broom you are using now will be eliminated when you start cleaning your floors with the best broom for your kitchen.

No. We are not calling you names. The rubber head on this powerful broom is the main thing that makes it work so well. Each bristle is very sturdy when compared to nylon or other traditional types so they wont lose shape, wear down, hold dirt, or generally not work like those ones will. Each time you pull back on this tool, the rubber bristles will form a solid wall to collect dirt and remove messes. Even teeny tiny crumbs will not slip under or sneak through, and to make sure lighter stuff doesn’t fly away as you work, it will also build a static charge. This charge will eliminate the fly away effect that is common when sweeping hair and other fine particles in order to make that difficult stuff just as easy to sweep as anything else. On the back side of the head, you also have a flexible and efficient squeegee blade. As if the bristles alone were not enough to embarrass the broom sitting in your closet now, this added convenience really makes this a powerful tool. If the kids spill milk, or you just need to dry the floor after mopping, this blade will allow you to dry large areas quickly, and move any left over water into a compact area where it can be absorbed. It is super handy in the kitchen, but also nice when your basement floods, or you need to clean windows that are hard to reach.

Still not name calling… Instead of the hollow plastic handle that most brooms come with, this one is commercial grade, and built to last. The thick steel wall makes for a pole that feels high quality when you hold it, and also one that will last for many years without breaking, bending or getting damaged in any way. Besides being plastic, your sad little broom probably also has a handle that is a fixed length. This is great if you are the exact height that the designers had in mind, but most likely you are not. The sturdy pole on our broom is fully telescoping so it can adjust to the perfect length for your exact height, and also become compact for storage or portability.

A better question would be – what CAN’T it clean. Feel free to leave a comment below to ask about specific messes, but in general, there is not very many things that you will want to clean off your kitchen floor that this broom can’t handle. Shedding pet hair, food crumbs, thick gooey spills, sand, dust, mud, you name it. Anything regular will be swept up faster and easier than you can with a traditional broom, and all of the stuff that normally takes a vacuum,  mop, your hands or way too much effort will also be cleaned with ease. You can even get it wet and add soap to use it as a scrub brush to remove stubborn stains that your mop is unable to remove.

For pet hair, human hair, drywall dust, flour spills or any other light particles, use short, deliberate strokes to remove it quickly. The solid rubber wall will completely clean the surface you are sweeping, and the charge that builds will keep it from flying away. Instead of annoying brooms that just make lines through dust, or skim over light particles, this one will clean them up in a single swipe, and all of the debris will remain on the floor, and neatly collected right in front of the bristles. You won’t have to worry about dog hair flying up to irritate allergies and then land somewhere else, and you won’t have to go over each area five different times just to get it clean.

Lets say you spill something like yogurt and granola on your kitchen floor. If you took your regular broom out and tried to sweep it up, you would have no luck washing the surface, and you would be left with a nasty looking broom that has bristles that are all stuck together, and possibly ruined. Use this rubber broom instead, and the bristles are sturdy enough to actually sweep this thick goo. Both the liquidy yogurt, and the dry, chunky granola will be swept up together, and will be easily collected. Use the regular bristles to get most of it into the dust pan, and then flip over to the squeegee side to sweep in anything remaining. You will still have a residue on your flooring, so add some soap and water, or squirt down your favorite cleaner and then scrub quickly using the bristles again in order to leave the surface sparkling. If it gets a little too wet, flip back to the squeegee side, and then dry it with ease.

When a standard broom gets coated with dirt that remains over time, you will probably just throw it away. After all, how easy is it to make something clean while using a dirty tool. You could try to rinse out the bristles, but you probably will not have very much luck if you do so. Beyond that, at the point that nylon bristles appear dirty, they are usually all bent out of shape as well. No amount of rinsing will make them straight again, so even if you do have luck removing some, or all, of the caked on debris, you still might not have anything useful to clean with. This broom is different. Because the head is a solid piece of molded rubber, it will not hold or collect as much yucky stuff in the first place, but when it does, you will be able to rinse it off with ease. You can use soap and water if necessary, and you can even take it off the handle and place it in your dishwasher for the ultimate in cleaning convenience. Wash it over and over to keep it as clean as you want. No amount of use, or trips through the dishwasher will make the rubber lose shape, so it will be sparkling clean and ready to go each and every time you use it.

The kitchen is a pretty dirty place. We prepare all of our meals there, pets eat near the floor, and it is the prime hangout spot in most homes. For this reason, the floor gets pretty tore up in almost every instance. If you are using a regular broom to get it clean then you are working too hard. Save yourself incredible amounts of effort, and cut the time it takes in half. Your floor will be cleaner, and you will spend less time and energy to get it that way. You don’t need to struggle to sweep up any of those annoying messes, you just need a better tool. You can definitely find a broom for a cheaper price if you look at big box stores locally, but you will replace it sooner, and each time you use it, you will be expending extra energy and frustrating yourself for no reason. The next time you are looking to replace your current broom, try this one and you won’t be sorry. It is definitely the best broom for your kitchen, but it also works great on any other hard flooring surface, and it can even clean pet hair, or longer human hair, out of carpeting. It is tough enough to work outside on concrete without wearing down, yet gentle enough to be safe for expensive hardwood flooring too. Discover a faster and easier way to sweep, and have a high quality tool that will save you money because it lasts for years.

12″ Household Rubber Broom

13.5″ Commercial Rubber Broom



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