Benefits of Organic Food

Is It Just Another Marketing Tool?

Many of you may have noticed the plethora of organic foods in the supermarkets these days. From the produce department to the frozen food section, it seems like everything is an organic food.

This is not surprising since consumers are buying more and more organic foods. The trend started small back in the 70’s when people started realizing how many preservatives and chemicals were starting to be a part of our food supply. Many organic food producers that are seeing such rapid growth today started back then. As people become older and more concerned with their health, demand for organic food is on the rise. Parents concerned about their children’s health are also demanding more organic food since even some brands of baby food have the organic label on it.

The Organic Trade Association reports that sales of organic foods have increased 20 percent in the last 5 years. A 2004 survey done by Whole Foods showed that more than ½ of Americans have tried organic foods.

More conventional food producers have noticed and they’ve left the low carb frenzy in the dust as they take on this latest marketing trend. The US government has made it easier to put organic foods on the market with regulations that define organic foods.

According to these regulations, organic food is grown without chemicals, processed without additives and no irradiation, biotechnology or sewer sludge is used. Additionally, for animals and their byproducts like dairy foods and eggs, no hormones or antibiotics are used in the rearing of the animals.

However, standards set by the US government in 2003 that made organic foods more accessible to the general public allow conventional farmers to use 200 synthetic chemicals in their version of organic foods. Thus, we see a lot more foods labeled “organic” on our shelves these days for consumers who are hungry to be healthy and willing to pay more for it.

The benefits of organic food are real. Chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and hormones in your food can do all kinds of damage to your health. But be aware of the guidelines and buy from food manufacturers that have a history of producing high quality organic foods. And it’s a good idea to shop at a supermarket that you trust when buying organic food.

Eunice Coughlin is the founder of a resource for moms of all ages and stages who seek spiritual and physical health and wellness. For more about the benefits of organic foods, go to



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