An Eco-Friendly Humidifier For Your Home

Stop fumbling with fancy electronic devices and wasting electricity. You don’t need to have a special degree, or spend a lot of money in order to increase the moisture in the air in your home. It can be done just as efficiently while you spend less money, and use absolutely no electricity. When you switch to a more natural method of humidifying your home, you reduce cost and environmental impact, but you still get the job done. You will retain all of the standard benefits, but you will also enjoy additional benefits that those electronic devices can’t provide. All the while, you will be  avoiding most, if not all, of the common downsides.

Many of us turn to humidifiers in order to improve air quality inside our houses because necessities like running the AC or furnace makes the air dry. You can purchase an expensive unit for each room, or you can drop a bunch of money on a whole house unit, but neither of those are really needed. You can accomplish the same thing at a much lower cost, and you can prevent common annoyances down the road like replacing filters, cleaning internals or reading wordy operation manuals. You can also prevent any spikes in your energy bill by using a more natural humidifier that works without any electricity. This not only saves you money, but it is also much better for the environment, and so much more simple overall. You will still be adding moisture to the air, so sore throats, dry eyes, breathing problems and other things will still be helped, but you won’t have to be annoyed by humming fans, or wet walls and ceilings due to too much water being sprayed into the air.

Whether you live in an area of the country that has a dry climate, or you create the dry air yourself by controlling the climate in your home, we all experience dry air at one time of the year or another. If left as is for prolonged periods, this dry air can wreak havoc on your body. Not only is it annoying, this dryness can also cause problems that last. Most of us will notice the dry throat or itchy skin, and you may not realize what the culprit is. If you don’t use something to combat the dry air, and add moisture, then you will have damaged skin, possible breathing problems, increased likelihood of illness, and it can even loosen the joints on your furniture. If you want a more comfortable home, then you will need to regulate the humidity levels to improve air quality. The G-Midifier makes this task easy, and allows you to do it without using electricity.

Instead of complicated, or expensive units, try a more natural solution of humidification with the G-Midifier. It is a green humidifier that brilliantly harnesses the simple power of evaporation in order to efficiently add moisture to the air. A single unit will not work on your whole  house, but it will be good for one room of up to 200 square feet. You do not need to turn it on and off, and there are no electronic controls to set. Simply fill it up with water, and it will do the rest. Maintenance will be easier and less frequent when compared to practically any other model, and operation is a snap. When the water gets low, just add more. That’s all there is to it.

When looking at the G-Midifier, you will notice that it is basically two parts. There is the blue colored base, and then the white sheets that are aligned vertically inside. The base is made from mildew resistant plastic, and designed in such a way to make filling it with water easy. There is a large area at the front that gives you plenty of room to pour, and the positioning of the filter pads also facilitates access. There are vented tunnels that run all the way through the base and allow air to flow in all directions, and each pad has a specially designed slot to maximize air flow, and keep things perfectly positioned. The pads are not made from regular fabric so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth, and thanks to the advanced material, each one is incredibly absorbent. This is integral to the function of this humidifier,  and the main reason that it is so efficient. Once water is added to the base, it will begin to soak into each pad. The pads will wick up moisture to become completely saturated, and then they will begin to evaporate water off the surface. Because there are so many pads, surface area is greatly increased, so more moisture can flow into the air. Air will flow up from underneath,  down from the top, and all around each individual pad in order to gather moisture and humidify the air. You will notice that the water level in the base decreases as your air becomes more pleasant to breathe. Without anything to set, The G-Midifier will keep the room at a comfortable humidity level between 25 and 55%.

This natural humidifier works great when placed directly over a floor vent, but can be used almost anywhere else too. When placed on top of an air vent, the hot air from your furnace, or cold air from your AC will pass through the device, and pick up moisture before it even enters the main part of the room. This way you are not adding humidity to a room full of air so much as you are putting moisture into the air on its way into the room. When you use it this way, it will directly combat the effects of running your AC or furnace. The large air tunnels and elevated sitting position allow for maximum air flow, so it will not prevent the vent from doing it’s job, but it will prevent dry air from ruining your day. It is not necessary to place The G-MIdifier on a vent for it to work. Due to the advanced design, air will flow efficiently through it when placed anywhere. It has feet that keep it about an inch off the ground, so vent or not, air will flow through and pick up moisture. Use it on a dresser or shelf in a child’s room, the desk in your office, or coffee table in your living room. When there is water in the base, it is “running”, and when the water gets used, the air in the room will have more moisture in it.

Because it operates without being plugged in, this humidifier will cost hundreds of dollars less to operate over it’s lifetime when compared to traditional models.  The plastic base features an antimicrobial additive that will prevent mold and mildew growth in order to reduce maintenance, and help it remain sanitary. When cleaning becomes necessary, this unit is easier to work with. You can wash it by hand, but you can also just pop the whole unit into your dishwasher. Because there are no electronics or motors, it can’t be harmed by getting wet. You will happily keep it clean because it takes no effort or technique. Instead of wrestling with a heavy and awkward device, and then searching for an outlet, The G-Midifier is easily moved to a new location when needed. It is super lightweight, and because it has no cord, you don’t have to worry about proximity to electricity. Simply pick it up, move it around, and place it right where you want it.

Most cool mist humidifiers operate by a fan just spraying water up, into the air. This can lead to over humidification, and will sometimes ruin furniture or drywall due to an overload of moisture. With the G-Midifier it automatically regulates itself to deliver the perfect amount of moisture into the air. As the air in the room becomes more damp, the G-Midifier will release less water in order to leave the room at a perfect level. Instead of blowing water when it is not needed, this unit will self-adjust to the ideal level. With G-Midifier there is no loud noise, no moving parts to break down or replace, no over-humidification or stains on furniture, no mold growth, and no cost for electricity. It uses heat that is already being generated in the room, so it doesn’t add to your carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly overall.

Stop wasting money to improve the air in your home, and stop struggling with complicated and inadequate humidification devices. This one is simple to use, highly efficient, and  a snap to maintain. It is incredibly affordable in comparison for the initial purchase, but also less costly down the road due to the lack of replacement parts and filters required. You never run the chance of spraying too much water into the air, and there is no learning curve for operation. Discover a cheap and easy way to humidify your home, and feel good about it because it really works, and is better for the environment when compared to other alternatives.

G-Midifier Humidifier



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