An Easy Way To Mince Garlic – Grate It!

Garlic GraterSticky, stinky and oh so time consuming. If you have ever tried to mince or grate a clove of garlic, you know that it is not that much fun, and it can be sort of difficult to get good results. The problem though, is that freshly minced garlic tastes so much better than that dried out stuff in your cupboard, so it is always preferred when cooking. You can always peel each clove by hand, pick away at the leftovers with your fingers, and then chop away with a knife if you want to, but this process will take forever, and you do need some sort of skill level, or adequate practice to get good results. Our Ceramic Plate Grater Set offers a much more efficient way to achieve the same results, and you will save yourself time in the process. It will allow you to grate down a clove quickly and with minimal effort, and the end product will be a perfect puree of finely mined pieces. You can then add this to any recipe or dish in order to give a bolder, more fresh taste without a ton of effort.


For the ultimate garlicy goodness, you will want to use fresh cloves instead of reaching for the container of powder. The flavor will more easily transfer to your dish when you add in freshly chopped chunks, but reducing it down to the ideal consistency is a task that many of us try to avoid. It is not because it is complex, or difficult to master, but more because it is frustrating and time consuming.  Also, it assumes that you have an expensive knife, worthy of the task, and many of us don’t. For the purpose of instruction and contrast, we will detail the steps to accomplish this task the traditional way, but please keep reading to find out how much easier and faster you could do it if you use a different, dare we say, better, tool.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. In order to prep your garlic for chopping, you first need to separate the number cloves you want, and then remove the peels. To do this, take the palm of your hand, or the side of a large knife and press down on the top of the bulb. Make sure to provide even pressure, and be careful not to send pieces flying all over.
  2. Once you have separated out the pieces you are going to mince, it is time to remove the peel. Cut off the hard end piece where it was attached to the larger bulb. This will release part of the peel and also remove the semi-inedible portion of the clove. Continue your score all the way across and then squeeze to pop out the inner part, or pick and peel until the outer coating is totally removed. Another method of loosening the skin to make it easier to peel would be to press it flat with the side of your knife until you feel the skin release.
  3. Now that you have a skin-free piece, smash it down on your cutting board with the side of your knife, and then slice back and forth to create the size pieces you desire. You could also use a garlic press to do the mincing instead, and in this case you simply place the peeled pieces inside, and then squeeze to produce the finished product.

With traditional methods, it takes substantial time and effort to get the job done. You also end up wasting valuable flavor as the juices remain in your press, or absorb into your cutting board. It may also take you several attempts in order to cut the pieces small enough to work right with your recipe. Luckily, there is an easier way to get better results in half the time. It is way less expensive than fancy knives or single-use presses, and it will also allow you to do much more than mince garlic the easy way. You can also use it to prepare fresh oils dips, or grate other foods that are difficult like ginger and chocolate.


Our Ceramic Plate Grater is a fast and easy way to prep garlic, and it will ensure outstanding results in way less time. It comes as a set with a garlic peeler and food brush, so you will have everything you need to make the job easier than ever. Instead of struggling with a knife in order to maybe achieve usable results, this handy little tool will allow anyone to get professional level consistency without any skill or practice necessary. You won’t need to pick at the skin, or cut just right in order to remove it with ease, and forget about delicately chopping teeny tiny pieces and hoping that they are small enough to work right and not alienate anyone eating the finished product. With this tool you can get the perfect consistency every time, and it is as easy as twirling your fingers.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. You always need to remove the skin before your fresh garlic is ready to be worked with. When you get our set, it comes with a handy little garlic peeler tube that offers a clean and simple way to do that. You will not have to pick with your hands, or master any special knife skills, and all of a sudden, something that was a pain, is as easy as rolling back and forth.
  2. To peel with this tube, simply toss in one or more cloves and then roll back and forth on your counter while applying direct, downward pressure.
  3. Once you here the peel come off, simply tip the tube over, and the naked garlic will drop right out.
  4. To mince down your fresh cloves to the perfect size, simply grab with your hand and spin around on the interior of the ceramic plate. The little nubs that stick up are sharp enough to power through the food easily, yet blunt enough to not harm your precious fingers.
  5. After just a couple spins around the plate, a full piece will be reduced to the perfect paste for cooking.

When you use this plate to grate your garlic instead of cutting it with a knife, you will not only save yourself time and effort, you will also save money by not wasting food. When cut on a board, oils will absorb, and some pieces will be lost. This plate does not absorb the liquid and it has an outer lip to make sure that nothing escapes. Even a press will cause you to waste a bunch of your garlic as it sticks to the interior. You will have more control over the size of pieces when compared to a press, and equal when compared to using a knife. It is not like a regular grater, so you can’t just grab your cheese grater or micro plane and get the same results. You may end up with some pieces that are the right size, and you will probably save time, but you will also smear garlic all over the metal face of your grater, and waste all kinds of food. In some cases you could have as much garlic washed down the drain as you were able to add to your recipe. This affordable tool is simple enough that any one can use it, and it really does offer one of the fastest and easiest ways to prepare fresh garlic for cooking.


The operation and design is quite simple, but the results can be amazing. This is nothing more than a hand painted ceramic plate with a pattern of protrusions on the face. The entire thing is fully glazed so that it is non-porous, and prevents any absorption  The little ceramic nubs are not super sharp, but they are sufficiently pointy to work with any hardness of food. As you twirl your piece around in circles, and over these nubs, it will sort of eat away at the food in order to grind, mince and grate into a pile of evenly sized pieces. In the same way that it is able to quickly produce garlic paste, it can also make ginger powders, or chocolate sprinkles. You will not need to apply a great amount of force, and the plate will act as a collector as well as a chopper. To use it, simply take any food any spin around while skimming over the nubs to grate it down quickly and efficiently. Because none of the oils will be sucked up, and the whole plate is lick on the surface, every last piece of food can be transferred and used, and you will not even have to waste a drop of flavorful oils either.

Get it to save time when working with garlic, and then discover the other useful stuff it can do too. Instead of dropping your pureed pieces into a frying pan to saute,  leave it right in the dish and then add some olive oil and other fresh herbs to make an irresistible dip for fresh bread. This is an excellent, last minute appetizer when guests come over, and is easy enough that it could become a dinner time staple on a regular basis. Modify this concept slightly to make meat marinades and other flavorful sauces right in the dish, and then use the included brush to transfer the flavor to your food while cooking. You are not just limited to one food with this tool either, so try it on other hard stuff that is notoriously difficult to grate, and it will be just as easy to work with. Grind down nutmeg or ginger for baking with fresh spices, or make a chocolaty dessert topping by grating a chunk of dark chocolate. You can also use it on hard cheese like parmigiana  so it is the perfect addition to the table on nights that you serve pasta or soup as well.

Garlic Grater Set

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