An Advanced Finishing Spray With Nano Particles

nano power finishNano Technology Changes Everything

Nano Power Finish has the power to protect and polish almost any surface. It provides an invisible coating that improves the look of the material as it repels anything that might cause damage, or make it dirty. As you spray it on, teeny tiny nano particles will penetrate and seal the millions of  imperfections present in any surface. With a smooth and impervious top coat, dirt will slide off, liquids won’t get through, and whatever is underneath,  will look like new for longer. Traditional finishes only cover the surface without actually bonding so they will never last as long, or work as well. Just spray it on, and in less than one minute, this product will completely fill, bond and coat to ensure proper protection that has improved longevity. There are no oils, waxes or solvents left on the surface to be burn off or wear off, so you are guaranteed a long lasting bond. The smooth sealed surface makes cleaning much easy easier, and it protects the surface from further deterioration. Because the polymer particles are negatively charged, they will protect against static electricity and repel dust, dirt and other grime.

Save Time And Money

  • Fast application. The water-soluble formulation is totally safe, and the spray bottle makes it quick and easy to apply evenly. Once on, it seals in seconds for lasting protection.
  • Easier cleaning. Dust, dirt and liquids can’t penetrate the surface, so they slide right off. Oil and other greasy grime don’t stick either. When applied to surfaces, it has the potential to cut the time it takes to clean them by up to 80%.
  • Reduce friction. When covering a surface, the material will feel smoother because Power Finish will fill imperfections, and coat the whole area. These sealed surfaces will produce less friction, and show improved efficiency. Less wear and tear over time will make moving parts last longer.
  • Less replacements. Because the finish lasts longer and works better, you will ensure that the items being protected will get more use prior to replacement. Surfaces maintained in good condition save money.
  • Eco-friendly. Contains no solvents, waxes, oils or silicone.  Completely safe and odorless. Reduces exposure to chemicals and can reduce indoor pollution.
  • Low cost alternative. Expensive and environmentally harmful cleaning agents are no longer necessary when you have this safer and more effective product. This affordable option provides an amazing value all by itself, but it will also save money on cleaning products used at other times, because surfaces will stay clean longer.

Protect Machinery, Vehicles, Equipment, Appliances, Fixtures and Furniture With Just One Bottle.

Seal, protect, preserve and polish any surface without harmful chemicals, and get better results. This is one of the best all purpose finishing sprays because it is incredibly safe and versatile, but it also works. Use in literally hundreds of situations, and protect almost any material. The following list will get you started, but anything similar will also be compatible.

  • Cars – Can be used on the entire car, exterior and interior, from body to car rims, from glass windshields to interior dashboard. Use on any vehicle to provide long term protection from environmental pollution, insects and UV rays. Maintains beautiful appearance as it helps to repel dirt and ice. A car treated with it can be washed in minutes with just water, and if you seal the windshield, it will  improve visibility and provide much greater safety when driving in inclement weather because water will sheet off.
  • Trucks – Protects against road tar and dirt, maintains appearance as water and dirt roll off surfaces. Also acts as an ice and insect repellent. Cleaner surfaces with less imperfections helps maintain resale value of the vehicle.
  • Construction Equipment – Ensures easy cleaning of bird droppings and environmental pollution. Also protects against corrosion, and results in reduced cleaning cycles that save huge amounts of money.
  • Windows, Window Frames, Glass Facades, Plexiglass – Dirt and dust doesn’t stick to this stuff. Glass, metal and plastic surfaces will stay cleaner longer,  and they will be easier to clean. Maintenance costs will be lower.
  • Outdoor Plastic Furniture – Improves soil resistant effect as water rolls off and takes the dirt with it. Long lasting protection from pollution and UV ray degradation. Helps to maintain original appearance longer.
  • Pump Shafts and Bearings – Reduces friction. Prolongs life.
  • Machine Tools – Protection from corrosion. Improved performance.
  • Silk Screen Equipment – Reduces cleaning time dramatically.
  • Dry Lube for Switches, Hinges, Glides, Office Shredder Teeth – Slick surfaces slide better and don’t build up residue from petroleum based products.
  • Mold Release Agent (to 400 degrees F) – Gets the job done without using hazardous chemicals.
  • Sinks, Faucets, Bathroom Fixtures – Prevents corrosion and scale build-up, maintains beautiful appearance and reduces costly replacement of parts.
  • Glass Counters and Windows – Resists fingerprints and eliminates the need for chemical cleaners and paper towels. Allows you to clean with just microfiber and water.
  • TV and Computer Screen Monitors, Hand-Held Devices (mobile phones, etc) – Reduces static electricity, and causes surfaces to stay cleaner longer. Also provides a protective layer that will reduce scratching.
  • Wood Furniture – Repels dust, resists soiling and prevents water damage from accidental spills or moist environments. Helps to maintains a naturally beautiful appearance.
  • Stainless Steel Appliances – helps prevent scratching and fingerprints. Also maintains appearance and reduces cleaning time.
  • Refrigeration and Heating Coils, Overhead Vents and Registers – Improve efficiency and performance of heating/cooling systems. Reduce electricity costs, increase longevity of system, resist accumulation of dirt and oils.

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