Add Lumbar Support To Any Office Chair

lumbar support for office chairsSitting in an office chair all day can be a real pain…..literally.

They’re not always equipped with adequate support, and it can be a real chore to get your boss to fork over the cash necessary to get a good one. Because your lower back supports a majority of your body weight, it can become tired and strained, just by sitting in one place. If you have an existing injury, poor support will only increase the agony and prolong the pain, but with proper support in place, you will decrease pressure, reduce pain, heal quicker and allow your mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

It may take too long to procure a good seat through your employer, and shelling out for your own doesn’t make sense for most folks because quality ones are quite expensive. If you want to work in comfort without begging or waiting, continue reading to find out how you can transform any cheap office chair into an ergonomic cloud with the perfect level of lumbar support for any body.

What’s A Lumbar?

It is defined as the area of your back that includes the portion of spine between your diaphragm and pelvis. This portion of your lower back is a highly flexible area, and when weak or injured, it can make sitting very uncomfortable because it supports so much weight. This part of your body will generally curve outward, and it is comprised of large vertebrae that move as your body does. There are quite a few nerve endings down in this area, and the largest of all, the sciatic is also located there.

This is why, in some cases, severe pain originates in the back, but then radiates all the way down to your feet. Relieving the lumbar area can eliminate pain throughout your whole lower half. The muscles that support your spine are pretty vulnerable to injury when lifting and twisting, but in most cases, injuries will heal in a matter of days or weeks. Long term pain in the area is more likely the result of weight or strength, and will require long term management to fix.

What Does It Do?

  • Provides structural support
  • Integral to body movements
  • Protects internal tissues

Where Does The Pain Originate?

This is a pretty complex area. Discomfort can stem from several locations and can be caused by a variety of situations and issues. Below are common areasĀ  that aches and pains are found in. Once you locate the cause, it is easier to relieve the area.

  • The bony portion of your lower spine.
  • The discs between individual vertebrae.
  • Ligaments that surround the bone.
  • Spinal cord and nerve endings.
  • Muscles.
  • Internal organs in the area.
  • Skin that covers the lumbar area.

Office Chair Lumbar SupportMaking Your Chair More Comfortable

Increasing comfort and support may not fix every lower back problem, but it will fix many, and it can help speed up healing and support other therapy. With ideal posture, and reduced strain on the muscles and vertebrae in the area, you are sure to make things feel better. Because many of us spend more time in our office chairs than anywhere else, it is extremely important to make sure it is helping instead of hurting the problem. A chair with good lumbar support can help eliminate pain, while one with poor support can actually cause pain where there was none.

The Back Saver is a unique support cushion that works on any seat, but is especially ideal for office chairs. It installs in a matter of seconds, and can be removed, repositioned, or taken off in the same short amount of time. Simply place it against the back, and use the strap to secure it in place. The first time you lean back, you will notice the difference as your spine is slightly stretched, perfectly cradled, and suspended without effort to reduce the load on your lumbar area.

How Does It Work?

It is a pretty simple concept, but it results in a highly effective product that works perfectly and lasts for many years without losing shape, or decreasing performance. A sturdy metal frame creates a contour pillow shape, but instead of being filled with cotton, foam or air, it utilizes a strong mesh material to provide support. The material completely covers the front of the frame, and the back side is left open. When someone leans against it, both the frame and the fabric will sightly flex to conform to body shape.

This results in the perfect level of support, and ensures that your entire back is resting instead of straining. It is able to install on any seat, and an integrated strap can be used to keep it in place. The curved shape can be used right-side-up, or up-side-down depending upon back shape, area of pain, and what feels comfortable. Use it only at the office, or get two and use one in your car, at home on the couch, at the movies or a restaurant and more. Because it is so lightweight and portable, you could even transfer the same one to any spot you sit.

Mesh Vs Regular Padding

The mesh material that this back support is made from offers many benefits over traditional pillows. One of the most important ones is that it does not flatten out or lose shape over time. Because a slightly flexible metal frame supports this firm, yet flexible material, It will provide the perfect amount of support for anyone’s body, but it will always return to the original shape after you stand up. This means that it will hug your back, and support your spine just as well, no matter how many times you use it.

It’s also lightweight in comparison to other options. Despite the fact that it provides better, longer-lasting comfort, it’s also much lighter, and easier to transport. Take it from one chair to the next without any sort of trouble. While sitting, normal pillows make the area hot, and eventually lead to sweating. The holes in this one, combined with the open back allow for adequate air flow so you will never have to worry about sweaty clothes, or a damp pillow.

Future Pain Prevention

Complete elimination of pain may be impossible for some people, but a comfortable chair is a good place to start. If your problem is the result of a specific injury, avoiding that activity could keep you pain-free, but without proper healing, stretching, support and strengthening, you might continue to have problems for years into the future. One of the best ways to prevent a healthy back from getting injured, is to strengthen the muscles in the area with specific exercises. One of the best ways to heal an achy lumbar is to take it easy, support it when possible, and let time pass.

If you don’t compound the issue, the tissues should heal over a period of days or weeks. With proper alignment and muscle positioning, the fix will be longer lasting, and your body will feel stronger and more healthy. If you pain is caused due to some weird situation with the actual bone, surgery may be the only fix available, but increasing comfort can make a difference in the short term.

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