A Super Absorbent & Fast Drying Bath Towel

Looking for a towel that soaks up more water than the cotton one you are using now? How about one that also dries really quickly too? Then you should check out our microfiber bath towels. They are lighter weight than your traditional cotton towel, but they will absorb more water, in a shorter amount of time, and then dry fast. Maybe you take more than one shower in a day, or perhaps you are tired of that musty, mildewy smell emitting from the towel you are using now. Whatever the reason, a faster drying bath towel could be the answer you are looking for. They are great for everyday use, but can also be ideal for specialized uses like camping, sports, travel, in your RV and more. Because these towels dry quicker, they can be used in confidence for many activities.

Microfiber bath towels will smell fresh longer than cotton ones because they don’t stay wet as long. Without residual moisture, bacteria, mold and mildew can’t grow, so you won’t get the bad smell, health risks, or damage to your towel. They dry fast enough to be used twice in one day, and will always be soft, fluffy and dry when you need it. Once you go to use the towel, you will notice right away how absorbent it is. The microfiber material will suck the water right off your body, to get you more dry in less time. Add to that the incredibly soft feel these towels have, and you get one of the best ways to dry off after the shower.

Because they work quickly, are lightweight in comparison to cotton, and also dry fast, these towels are not only ideal for use at home, but also great for any time you are on the go. Use this absorbent bath towel for theĀ  gym, on your boat, at the campground, college dorms and more. They are a practical solution, and would be perfect for just about anyone.

You might think that you need to give up looks, quality or softness to achieve this ability to absorb more water and dry more quickly, but that is not the case. Our microfiber bath towels are softer and more fluffy than virtually any cotton towel available. The thick material is lightweight, but super soft and fluffy to the touch. The fibers are longer than what you see in most cases, so you end up with a towel that feels great on your skin, and also looks great in your bathroom. High quality materials and construction allow these towels to add charm and appeal to your existing decor, and the selection of colors is sure to match any bathroom.

Microfiber is a much finer thread than cotton. This means than many more threads can be woven into any given area. Each thread is also specialized, and more suited for drying and absorption than cotton is. These microfiber towels feature dense material, but because the fibers are so thin, it remain light weight. Each strand of microfiber will have incredible wicking power, so when used on your wet skin after the bath, it will act like a magnet, and basically suck the water right off your body. Microfiber has special capillaries that will lock in the moisture to pull it away from your skin, and since there is more material and fibers in every square inch, these towels will feel better, and outperform cotton ones every time. Once the drying job is done, the microfiber material is able to dry quickly, so it is ready to be used sooner, and remains fresh longer.

You won’t be disappointed by the performance of these towels. If you have been looking for a bath towel that can pick up more water, or dry faster, then you should look no further. These attributes make a towel like this the solution to many common problems that people have. When you start using a microfiber towel, you will wonder why anyone uses anything else. These great looking bath towels are guaranteed to absorb amazing amounts of water, and then dry fast for later use.

Microfiber Bath Towel



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