A Storage Caddy To Make Cleaning Easy

What’s one of the most frustrating things about cleaning the house? Finding, retrieving and replacing all of the tools, sprays and cloths you use. Most of us get the stuff for one job, complete the task, and then put it all away before moving along to the next job. This can work perfectly fine, but you end up wasting time and in turn, spend more time than necessary cleaning your house. If you could keep all of your most commonly used tools right at hand, you could switch from job to job, cloth to spray and back again in a quick and efficient manner. This would allow you to go straight from one dirty spot to another, and save you time and hassle when doing the cleaning.

John Robinson, a Professor at the University of Maryland, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying “the average American spent 14.05 hours on housework in 1985 and 12.3 hours in 2004”. Now our houses aren’t getting any smaller, but the time we spend cleaning them is shrinking year by year. It is not that we all live cleaner lives or have hired maids, but more so that we just don’t have the same amount of free time any more. Most of us simply can not  afford to spend that many hours cleaning each week. This unfortunate fact necessitates being more efficient in order to keep a house that is spotless at all times. In this day and age, you need to have the best tools and time saving devices if you are going to keep your living quarters in tip top shape without sacrificing time spent elsewhere. It is not an option to just stop cleaning, so we all do our best to spend as little time as possible doing it. After all, the  other stuff in life is so much more fun. This is why getting your chores out of the way as quickly as possible, while still maintaining acceptable standards becomes more important every day.

According to Information Resources Inc. (IRI), for the period of April 1, 2006 to March 30, 2007, in the U.S. sales of household cleaner products totaled $1.6 billion! That’s a lot of cleaning supplies considering we Americans spend only 12.3 hours a week on housework. So what’s an overworked, time crunched person to do? There are many things that will make cleaning easier or save you time, but one item in particular is the EvriStor n More. Sure it has a funny name, but it is also quite useful as a storage device and bring-it-with you cleaning caddy. It can make cleaning less time consuming and less stress inducing for anyone.

It is a wall mounted storage pod with several compartments that can be quickly removed to take with you as you clean. When not in use the EvriStor n More will hang on a wall or inside a closet or cabinet. When you want to get some cleaning done, just grip the soft, comfortable handle and take it with you to any part of the house. EvriStor n More holds all kinds of household cleaning essentials in its center storage well including cleaning liquids, polishes, cloths, gloves, brushes, a flashlight, batteries, candles – almost anything you would use while tidying the house can fit into this multifunctional storage pod. There’s even a sponge holder on the back side of the unit that helps ensure your sponge is handy and well-ventilated so it can dry between uses. To make it even more versatile, two hooks are included that can be installed on a single side, or one on each side. They are perfect for hanging damp rags to dry, or unused cloths for later use. You could also attach a duster, your keys, or even a dog leash if mounted in a convenient spot for this purpose. The front of the EvriStor is a bag storage compartment for trash or grocery bags, but can also be used to hold cleaning cloths, mittens and rags.

Sit it on a shelf, toss it under the sink, or mount it in the most convenient spot available. This caddy is ideal for the broom closet or pantry, but would also work great under a kitchen or bathroom sink, or mounted to the linen closet door. Keep one in your laundry room to stow all of your stain fighting gear, bleach and sewing supplies. Mount another one in the mud room to hold extra grocery bags, car keys, an emergency flashlight and the dog’s collar. You will find many uses for this versatile storage device because it can adapt to so many scenarios.

EvriStor N More™ is designed with a firm, ergonomically-sized thermoplastic rubber grip handle so you can carry it comfortably from one cleaning task to the next. It has so many cool features in one compact, portable storage product it can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kid’s playroom, – most anywhere you need a truly versatile, portable organized storage station. The EvriStore can make cleaning easy because it is an upscale, and uniquely multifunctional storage and cleaning tool, with great design and utility.

The large main compartment is big enough to hold a large amount of stuff, and roomy enough to accommodate large containers and bottles. Use it to take along all purpose cleaners and window sprays, or even brushes, dusters and other tools. The built in sponge holder is a nice addition because it not only holds this common tool, but also allows it to dry quickly to prevent smells and bacteria from growing. It is the perfect size to hold just about any sponge or scrubby you are currently cleaning with. Integrated hooks add to the usefulness of this caddy, and the best part is that you can put them where you want them. Depending upon where you mount it, or how you intend to use it, you are able to choose the best place to install your hooks. The large compartment at the front is perfect for extra bags to fill trash cans, to take with you when the dog goes for a walk, or to keep you most used cleaning cloths. Add in the super comfortable and ergonomic handle, and you have one incredibly useful cleaning aid. It will hold all of the stuff you need to complete all of your jobs in a single round of cleaning. Stop running back to the cupboard every time you need a new tool, and keep things more organized when not in use. This dual purpose caddy will improve your storage situation, and decrease the time it takes you to clean your home. Make cleaning your home a little bit easier and less time consuming with this unique tool.

EvriStore N More



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