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silent humidifierThe best way to prevent dry air in your home is with a humidifier. Many of us use these devices as a way to alleviate dry mouths and noses in order to make breathing more comfortable. When you live in a dry climate, you may need to run a humidifier all year long. In other locations, they become essential when furnaces or central air conditioners remove all moisture from the air circulating in your home. We all enjoy the benefits that using one of these can bring, but many of us become equally annoyed by the draw backs.

Most people will eventually learn the complicated controls, and get over the fact that the filter will need replacing over time. And after a while, you may also become used to the fact that the spray may be a little too drenching in the area directly around the unit, and you might even get accustomed to the white film that coats surfaces in the room, or the hidden mold that possibly develops due to excess moisture in hidden areas. These common down sides are all tolerated by people everyday because the thought of breathing in stale, dry air is a whole lot worse. The one thing that consistently causes people to turn humidifiers off, or store them for use when things really get bad is the noise. Whether loud or just annoying, the constant humming can be enough to drive some people crazy.


For most humidifiers that people use, the noise is generated by a fan that blows non-stop as it moves the moisture up and out. If you are extra lucky, you may have one that generates extra sounds from a mechanical timer, or some other moving part as well. The constant blowing of the fan is inescapable for a vast majority of single room humidifiers out there, because if they’re turned on and running, the fan will be blowing. This is integral to their function, so there is no way to silence this annoyance, or increase humidity without it being audible.

Many people find it impossible to sleep with one of these noise makers in their bedroom, and in other locations they force people to turn up the TV, leave the room to converse, or reluctantly deal with the burden. Beyond adding sound to an otherwise quiet area these spinning fans will also use extra electricity, which will add to your monthly bill. This means that you will be paying for the privilege of being annoyed on a constant basis, all to reduce the dry air in your home. Many people rely on these units, and would not be able to live without one. The good news is that there are alternatives to these loud machines, and you do not have to compromise effectiveness to silence the beast.


These machines are not high-tech devices in most cases. For the most part, your average one room unit is nothing more than a bowl of water with a fan on top. There may be some fancy styling, and additional controls, and what have you, but the main function of the device is to take water from below, separate it into tiny droplets and then dissipate it up and out to mix with the air in your room. If there was no fan in these units, you would have nothing more than a special bowl of water, and without blowing, the humidity level would pretty much stay the same. Because the fan does toss a bunch of mist upward, it will, more quickly and efficiently increase the moisture in the air you are breathing.


Many companies sell expensive humidifiers that they say are nearly silent, or really quiet or something. These ones all make noise too, they are just less loud than one with a cheap fan inside. They can be a good alternative if you can find a high quality one at an affordable price, but this can be difficult. Most typically, these types of humidifiers are of the ultrasonic variety. They are quite effective in comparison, and will offer the same moisture adding benefits as their much louder counterparts. Instead of the constant whirring of a fan, you get more of a low buzzing sound. It is much more quiet, but not exactly silent.

A misting fountain is one example of this type of humidifier. They are decorative in nature, but essentially, they are nothing more than a fancy looking humidity machine. You can find products with the same internal electronics and a more traditional looking exterior, but as far as functionality goes, they will all do the same thing. When turned on, you will hear the slight noise as a little disc vibrates at high speed in the “misting” device. This electronic part will sit under the water, and when the disc vibrates, water will begin to evaporate on the surface in order to generate a cloud. This cloud is made up of much finer mist when compared to traditional units, and it will mix with the air to increase humidity quite efficiently.

You can also get just the mister part all by itself if you don’t care for the look of the fountains. This part can be added to any bowl of water to create a humidifier of your own. With a unit like this you will eliminate dry air with less noise, but it will not be totally silent. The benefit will be less water spray and no fan, but the fan noise will be replaced with an easier to ignore “buzzing” sound.


G-Midifier - A Silent Humidifier
For a product that increases moisture in the air, but does not make any noise at all, check out the G-Midifier. It has no electronic components, and does not have any moving parts. For this reason,  it does not make any sort of noise. It is truly silent in operation, but still incredibly effective. Most customers find that it works just as well as the one room unit they were already using and fed up with, but it does so with out making a peep, or costing one penny in electricity.

This highly effective product will add just as much moisture to a room, but you never have to plug it in, turn it on, or listen to it work. It will not make a sound as it combats dry air, so it is perfect for your office or living room, and ideal for bedrooms and nurseries. A simple system of evaporation by natural means allows this device to perform as well as more expensive and complicated units, but at a lower cost and lower level of annoyance.


The G-Midifier is basically a container of water with a specially designed top. The top features several slots and holes. Within these slots, you will place the absorbent pads, and they will remain upright and perfectly spaced. It is designed to work over the top of a forced air vent, or placed just about anywhere else. When on top of a vent, you will ensure that all dry air flows through it for maximum effectiveness, but due to the design, it can work well on a regular flat surface as well.

Air will flow up through the bottom, and then in and around all of the pads. Because the pads are highly absorbent, they will wick up water from below to remain totally saturated at all times. As air comes in contact with the vast surface area provided, it becomes more damp by absorbing the moisture. Despite it’s simplistic design, and non-existent mechanics, this environmentally friendly humidifier can maintain optimal levels of humidity in a regular sized room just as well as an other noisy machine can. You will prevent annoyance and sleepless nights due to the silent operation, and you will save money as you do not use electricity or run to the store for replacement filters.

Stop complaining about how loud your humidifier is, and start sleeping better at night. We all know that a dry throat or itchy nose is difficult to sleep with, but adding noise to the equation is not the only answer. You can make breathing easier, and sleeping more comfortable without enduring any additional frustration. Quiet humidifiers are great for everyone, but they are especially handy for placement in a child’s room, or in an office where you work.

Without the added distraction of increased noises, babies will sleep more soundly, and you will get more work done. You don’t have to compromise air quality in order to keep the room silent, you just need a better tool to get the job done. Before you spend a bunch of money on high tech alternatives that promise NEAR silent operation, check out a truly noise-free device, or our affordable alternatives to those technologically advanced ones.

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