A No Mess Painting Set For Kids

Practically every kid likes to paint, but as adults and parents, we are quite aware of the mess it creates and therefore often prevent our kids from doing it. This is rightfully so in most cases, because when let loose, children can make some huge messes with regular style paints. You end up with painted clothes, colorful walls, and stained carpet, but your children learn valuable lessons about color, creativity, experimentation, motor skills, coordination, visualization and more. Not to mention that it is one of the few activities that can keep some children in the same spot for longer than 30 seconds at a time. We all want to be the best parents possible, so in lots of cases, it can be better to expose your child to painting rather than worry about the mess that might result. They will be able to have fun, and be creative while learning new skills.

The perfect solution to this dilemma would be a paint set that was magical and didn’t make a mess, or better yet a super powered genie that could clean the whole mess with the wave of a magic wand or something. Unfortunately these are not a reality, but there is a next best thing. Splash Art is a new toy offered by simplygoodstuff that allows children to paint with just water. They are able to create multi-color paintings anytime and anywhere with only using water instead of messy paints. It is the specially designed board that does all of the work, you child just needs to add water. Children can use the attached water pen or a standard paint brush to paint on the two-sided Splash Art board. Once water touches the special board, it begins to change colors to show the brush strokes. Every color of the rainbow is revealed as children paint and draw any number of creations. Once your child has filled up one side, they just need to flip the board over to keep on painting. By the time the second side is filled up, the first one will have dried, thus erasing what was there, so kids can continue painting with no interruption.

There is no mess at all with Splash Art. The only thing that can possibly spill would be harmless water, yet your child get the same enjoyment, because they are still able to paint and create bright, colorful pictures. Not only is it cleaner, but it also requires little to no supervision. You obviously don’t have to worry about a mess, but you also don’t have to worry about kids suirting out too much paint and wasting it, or deciding to eat it, or any of the other less prominent problems that go along with standard painting projects. You also have the added benefit of this set being totally portable. It is the perfect travel toy for the back seat of the car, on a train, or on an airplane. It will provide hours of stimulation, with no mess and no additional supplies necessary. You kids can quitely paint in their seat, so the trip goes by quicker for everyone. This portability also makes it possible for your children to bring it outside or over to a friends house.

Sturdy, colorful construction ensure this toy will hold up to plenty of abuse, as it is sure to get used often. Stop worrying about messy finger paints and acrylics. Get your child a paint set that they can use at any time. Just add water and let the fun begin. With Splash Art kids can be creative and have fun while keeping things clean! Ages 1 and up.

Splash Art



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