A Household Microfiber Mop Set For Less

Check out this great household mop from StarFiber. This 12″ microfiber mop is the perfect size to use in the home to clean any hard floor. It is a high quality mop set with an incredibly affordable price tag. Each set includes a complete mop with telescoping handle and four microfiber mop pads. Each of these pads are totally reusable and specifically designed for a certain type of cleaning. Get 2 multipurpose pads, one dusting pad, and one chenille pad. You can wash each one of them hundreds of times before they need replacing, and with such a variety, you are prepared for any type of floor, and any cleaning task. Use it for dust mopping and sweeping, or use it for cleaning and mopping. It can handle any type of floor cleaning thanks to the collection of pads you receive. Got a spill on the floor? Use the chenille pad to soak it up quickly and then deep clean your floor. The multipurpose pad can be used effectively with very little water. This makes it great for hardwood floors because they will dry almost instantly, leaving your floors clean, streak-free and polished. The telescoping handle can adjust to any length in order to become the perfect size based on who is using it, or what you are cleaning. This mop is so versatile, you can even use it to clean walls, ceilings, windows, vehicles and more. Since you don’t need any chemicals or additional cleaners when you use thisĀ  mop, it is a very green and environmentally friendly way to clean your home. Just water and this mop will remove 99% off all dirt dust and germs on your floors. The advanced swivel head allows you to easily maneuver into, under and behind anything and it features a quick release attachment piece. The high quality microfiber that these pads are made from will clean thoroughly and glide effortlessly across your floors. This set is a great value, and will keep you prepared for any mopping task for years to come. Choose an easier, safer and more environmentally friendly way to mop your floors. Get this 12″ Mop Set from StarFiber today.

12″ StarFiber Microfiber Mop Set



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