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Painter's PyramidsAre you looking to reduce frustration and increase productivity? Do you want to make every craft, art, home improvement, or carpentry project easier and less time consuming? Then you need to try Painter’s Pyramids. They are one of the most simple tools available, but the benefits they provide are quite impressive. When you support your work with these instead of lying it flat on a work bench, you will be able to see and touch all sides with ease. Instead of waiting for paint, stain and glue to dry before continuing your project, you will be able to flip it right over and keep on working without any risk. By simply elevating your work, you can increase accuracy, eliminate mistakes, and allow for more professional looking results.

These useful little tools are nothing more than plastic pyramids with some advanced features. The material is super durable in order for them to have the strength necessary to support any type of project. It does not matter if you are working with wood, clay, metal, ceramic, cardboard, paper or anything else. The object could be light or heavy, and can have any shape or size. Simply use more or less depending upon your needs, and either keep them separate, and loose, or choose to combine or mount as needed. The high strength plastic material is  chemical resistant and non-stick which means that any substance you are working with will not ruin the integrity of the support, and glue paint and stain will not stick. Because sticking is not possible, you are able to support objects that are still wet without worrying about paint coming off, or the object drying and then becoming stuck in place. This aspect allows you to work wet on one side of a project, and then flip, turn, or re-position in order to keep on working without having to wait.

The three dimensional, triangular shape is ideal to keep this support strong,  but it also makes it sturdy, and is integral to its function. The large base allows it to remain stable, and the point at the top offers the smallest possible spot to rest your object in order to leave it elevated and secure, but not affect the surface at the same time. You can use these on any flat surface by just setting them down, but you can also mount them in place for increased stability. Two integrated tabs at the bottom of the pyramid feature holes in the center to allow for screws to fit through in order to mount any number of these anywhere you need them. Either of these two tabs will also connect with the notch on the third side of the pyramid so that you can use several of these together in one configuration. When combined, you will be able to form uniquely shaped supports that are able to adapt to any shape object you have. Double them up into pairs to support a long cylindrical object like a chair leg, or form into a circle to prop up a piece of pottery you are glazing. The versatility and usefulness of these supports will allow you to lift up any item, and elevate it securely in order to make your job easier. Get under edges while painting, or stain the top and bottom in one sitting.

When you reduce the time it takes to stain a single cabinet door, you will be able to finish a whole kitchen in half the time. When you allow for better access to your working surface, you will be able to achieve a higher degree of accuracy which will result in better looking stuff. By elevating your work, and keeping it in one place, you will also eliminate all of those little mistakes that lead to frustration and having to start over. Artwork will look better, home improvement projects will look like a pro completed them, and any other craft or work project will be completed in less time, and with better results.

These things are incredibly useful all by themselves, but you can also combine them with some other great products for added versatility. Take one Pyramid, and one Grabber and connect them together to form a pyramid shaped support that is rubberized on the bottom. You still retain the rounded, non-stick point at the top to rest your actual work on, but now the bottom will be slip proof. Due to the design, these two products snap together securely, and are meant to be used alone, or as a pair. The addition of the rubberized bottom will help to keep the pyramid in the place you put it. As explained above, you can always screw these down to immobilize them, but a Grabber will achieve similar results without being so permanent, or putting holes in your work surface. The specially designed rubber bottom will grip the surface it sits on in order to prevent sliding, and eliminate any possible movement. Take this pairing right to your work instead of being forced to do the job in a special location. Get slip-proof supports that can be used on the floor, up on a table or anywhere else.

If you are working on a project and want to be able to access all sides without moving, then pair some Pyramids with the VersaSpin 360 to make it easy. The VersaSpin is an advanced turntable that comes in two sizes, and it can be used for small or large objects. The surface of the spinning table has little pegs all over, and these pegs can be used like screws to mount Pyramids in any configuration. You can use any number, and you can arrange them in a multitude of ways in order to adapt to your work. The pyramids will not be able to move, but the turn table will rotate freely. With this handy combo, you will be able to lift up your work and then spin it around into any position.

Paint one portion of your item, then spin to get the back side. Flip it over while still wet in order to paint the underside, and now let it dry after having finished the whole job. You don’t have to wait for things to dry to continue working because the pyramids will allow you to rest wet paint, face down, without removing any of the finish, or risking stickiness as it drys. For smaller projects like models and pottery, it will make painting and decorating easier because you can sit at a desk or table, and accurately paint all sides without moving the object in any way.  Just secure it in place one time, and then rotate, using the table, in order to reach all parts. For larger objects like benches and chairs, you can first elevate the actual turntable, and then support the object at the center while allowing legs and other parts to spin around without touching the ground, or causing other problems. This combo gives you way more usefulness than a regular old turn table because your work will be lifted up and able to rotate, so you will not only be able to get all sides, but also the underneath. By resting on the rounded, non-stick points, you can flip it while still wet without ruining your work also.

Reduce time and achieve better results. Painter’s Pyramids will make any craft, home improvement or carpentry project easier. You won’t have to set your brush down until the job is done, so dirt and other contaminates will never make it onto the brush, or into the paint can. Because your project will not be resting directly on the ground, or flush to a table, it will dry faster, without sticking, and you will not risk any accidents, damage, or dirt that might otherwise cause you to fix or redo a portion of your work. These simple little guys will quickly become integral to all of your projects as they begin to save you time, and improve your results. They stack nicely for storage, and can be reused over and over again. Try some today, and the time and annoyance they save you will more than justify the purchase.

Painter’s Pyramids


Pyramid & Grabber Combo Pack

VersaSpin 360



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