A Healthier Way To Cook

Did you just start a new diet? Are you a person that likes to take care of their body? Then chances are, you are looking for a healthy way to cook your food. It is one thing to choose foods that are leaner, higher in protein, organic, low fat, etc. , but if you are not preparing them in a beneficial way, then you may as well just eat a microwave dinner. Added oils and other fats can negate any effort you put forth to make good choices, so it is important to ensure the preparation of your food is also healthy. We all know that one of the best ways to reduce fat when cooking meat is to grill it outdoors, but weather and time can make this impossible. An indoor stove top grill can give the same benefits, and remove some of the hassle at the same time.


It is quite simple. When frying in a pan, baking in the oven, or even microwaving, your food will literally cook in it’s own fat. In addition, most of us will add olive oil, butter or similar ingredients to reduce sticking or add flavor, and this will only compound the issue. If you put your meat or other food outside on the grill, you know that the fat will drip off, and fall down way away from the food. This results in a leaner, more healthy meal, and quickly reduces the calories you take in. The stove top grill works the same way. A special design allows food to cook over direct heat, but all of the fat and oil will drip down away from your food to prevent you from consuming it. It is easy to see how a cooking surface that reduces fat intake would be healthier than one that does not. A pan or dish where meat sits in oil or butter not only retains it’s own fat, but it actually absorbs and becomes infused with the additional fat you put in there.


Using this cooking surface is quite simple. You can grill regular BBQ items like hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs, but you can also do more non-traditional foods like shrimp, fish and vegetables quite easily. It does have holes like you would expect from a grilling surface, but it does not have a grate that things can fall through. Add to that the fact that the whole thing is incredibly non-stick, and you have an easier to use surface that provides all of the same healthy benefits. It works on electric ranges, glass top stoves and gas powered cook tops, so pretty much anyone can use one to make cooking fun, easy and good for you.

How To Use It:

  • The grill consists of two parts. There is the stainless steel ring, and there is the non-stick grill plate. For best results, choose a burner that is small enough to remain completely inside the ring. You can place the ring on top of the burner too, but this will heat it up as well as the cooking surface. If you use a small burner, the heat will remain inside the ring, and only heat the part that you will cook on.
  • Once you have chosen the spot where you will use it, add some liquid to the stainless steel ring. You can use plain old water, or you can add something with flavor, and the taste will infuse into your food as it cooks.
  • After moisture is added, place the grill plate on top, and then turn on the burner to a medium or medium high heat setting.
  • For best results, allow the stove top grill to heat completely prior to placing your food on top. All stove types will work, but glass top ranges will take the longest to pre-heat. An easy way to tell if it is ready is to flick a couple of drops of water onto it. If the water sit idle, you need to wait longer. If it dances around, sizzles and then evaporates, you are good to go.
  • Once fully heated, simply place on your food and cook like normal. The fat and oils will drip away to be collected in the ring, and the added moisture makes it super easy to clean out, but also steams in moisture and flavor if you add it.
  • Cleaning up afterward is simple too. The non-stick surface washes clean easily and so does the ring thanks to the liquid.


Higher quality materials make for an easier to use tool, but also ensures longevity as it maintains healthiness. Other similar looking grills will have cheap grill surfaces that flake or peel, and if you ingest any of that stuff you are really negating any of the fat reduction, and replacing it with something much more dangerous. The one we carry is guaranteed to be better and easier to use, and the materials are superior, so it won’t be ruined or unsafe after only a few uses.

Stop choking down those special diet meals, and go back to eating foods you enjoy. Simple changes in the way you prepare your food can easily reduce calories and help you eat better. Other choices like consuming more lean meats, or opting for organic instead of regular stock will only increase these benefits, but is can be quite easy and very painless to try this healthier way to cook.

Stove Top Grill

For a fun and easy way to flip your food as you make it, try a small pig tail food flipper.



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