A Fast and Easy Way to Clean Windows and Mirrors

dirty mirrorWhats the easiest way to clean windows and mirrors?

With spray cleaner and paper towels right? WRONG. This method is not only expensive, it is also one of the hardest, least effective and most harmful ways to clean your windows and mirrors. The amount of paper towels you go through alone are pretty costly, but when you add in bottle after bottle of windex or other chemical based spray cleaners, it really starts to add up. Plus these sprays and wipes aren’t really that effective, and often lead to more frustration than anything. When you add to that the fact that breating those cleaners isn’t very healthy either, it is hard to belive why this is the most common and accepted way to get the job done.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a reusable window cleaning wipe that you could pay for once, and then use over and over hundreds of times? Well there is. A microfiber cloth is the safest, easiest and most cost effective way to clean windows mirrors and so much more. Plus they work better than traditional methods of cleaning without any additional cleaner. A damp microfiber cloth is all you need to get a streak free, and lint free shine on any mirror or window. Just get it wet and then wring it out till it is just damp to remove 99% of all dust, dirt, germs and bacteria from virtually any surface.

Imagine no more streaking, no more throwing away paper towels, and no more spraying chemicals all over your home. Why pay more to clean less. You don’t have to clean it twice when you clean with microfiber. Even a professional squeegee is no match for the cleaning power of a microfiber cloth. It is so simple that it is hard to believe that it could work so well, but microfiber has been around for years, and is growing in popularity due to it’s renowned ability to remove and hold in dirt. Fingerprints, smudges, grease, grime, dirt and more can be easily cleaned off your windows with just a swipe of the cloth.

So what is the best way to clean your windows and mirrors? With a Microfiber cloth.

So Any Microfiber Will Do?

Not exactly. As with anything, you do get what you pay for in most cases, and not everything that looks the same, works the same. With everyone jumping on the bandwagon, there is now more low quality microfiber than anything else. These cloths will be slightly less expensive than ours, but their performance is laughable in comparison. Although they are reusable and washable, they will never clean as well. This means that you will still have to work hard to get good results, and even if you do remove all of the dirt, those lower quality imposters will probably drop lint and leave behind moisture so you will still have work to do if you want the glass looking perfect. Our higher quality cloths actually work like we say they do, so do yourself a favor and stick with the best instead of saving that nickel. Although our line of cloths is every bit as good as those guys that charge a billion dollars, we choose to price them affordably so everyone can reap the benefits.

It is the unique weave and superior quality fibers that make our cloths clean so well. That is why you don’t need any other cleaner when you use a microfiber cloth from us. Sure you can use some soap if you want to, but microfiber cleans so well by itself, you don’t have to. In fact, just water alone is the best way to clean windows, mirrors and numerous other surfaces. Each individual fiber is 100 times thinner than a strand of human hair, and then woven into massess of tens of thousands of threads per square inch. For our multipurpose variety, each fiber is split several times to reveal many tiny cleaning wedges. These wedges skim the surface, and lift dirt up and hold it in the fibers. One wipe in a single direction will cut through greasy fingerprints, lift up dirt and dust, and completely eliminate 99% of all germs and grime on your glass.


To save time, get better results, and stop wasting money on unecessary chemicla sprays that are bad for your health, simply follow the steps below:

  • Get your high quality cloth and dampen with water. Fully saturate under the faucet, and then wring it out until it is no longer dripping. Too much water will cause streaking due to moisture being left behind, and too little will make the cloth act more like a dust cloth.
  • Once wet, fold into quarters to create a square cleaning pad. The large 16 x 16 size folds down to a thick squre that fits nicely in your hand, and because it is folded, you will have several clean sides to switch to as you work.
  • Wipe down windows and mirrors to remove any type of dirt. Use a single continuous motion for best results.
  • Use a top to bottom, or outside to inside pattern to quickly and easily cover all surface area.
  • After one quarter of your cloth gets totally dirty, unfold and then re-fold to put a new clean side facing up.
  • If you have the perfect amount of moisture, a slight wetness will stay behind for a few seconds and then dry with no streaks or spots. If you used too much, your glass will still be incredibly clean, but you may want to wipe again with a dry cloth to finish.
  • No spray cleaners are needed for normal usage. Water alone will d the trick. On occasion, you may encounter really sticky, greasy or crusty build up. When this is the case, give it a slight spritz with a Quick N Brite light solution, or your favorite natural cleaner. After it sits for a minute, this too should wipe away completely.
  • Wash and reuse hundreds of times before replacing.

Learn More about microfiber.

You will thank yourself after you see how easy and effective these amazing cloths are. The environment will thank you for your decreased impact from no more chemicals being sprayed and no more paper being thrown out. And your house will thank you for making it so clean. Get yours today.


Regular multipurpose cloths are great, but for all you professionals and clean freaks out there, we have a specialized cloth that is a little more advanced. It has all the cleaning power of the regular version mentioned above, but it also has a differnet nmaterial on the back side. We call this dual sided cloth the Ultimate Window Cleaning Cloth because it is able to wash and dry your windows quickly and efficiently. The green side works the same as above, but the orange side is a synthetic chamois that acts more like a sponge or a squeegee. Use the green side to wash, and then flip over to make the glass bone dry when you are finished. Some people prefer the simple and effective multipurpose version, but this dual sided advanced version is becoming pretty popular too. It’s performance speaks for itself, and it easily offer one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your windows an mirrors look like new. Whichever version you choose, you are guaranteed to reduce cost, limit effort and improve results for this job.

Multipurpose Miracle Cloth

Window Cleaning Cloth



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  1. These are very good and useful tips but I still hate Cleaning :S

    cleaning process is a very tiring process …. I also hate the dust :/

    I also think that applying these tips needs time .. sometimes u need to save time as well as money… last March I needed to clean my house and I dealt with princess maid services company and I think it is also money saving , they did very good work and I didn’t have to pay too much money.

    Thanks again for your tips … keep the great work up

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  2. I tried this & it worked okay, but I still needed to squeegee after the micro-treatment.

    (0) (0)
    • Sounds like you are using too much water. The cloth only needs to be damp in order to work. The surface you are cleaning should dry in seconds after you clean it. If you find that there is moisture left over, you should try adding less water to the cloth or wringing it more thoroughly to avoid using too much.

      (0) (0)
  3. Alas. Paper towels en windex do give the best and quickest results. Expensive and bad for the
    environment, I know.
    I have tried the microfibre cloth. On dirty windows it just doesn’t work.

    (0) (0)
    • Clearly you have not tried this cloth. You can get cheap and frustrating versions for pocket change at local discount stores, but those just look the same. As you have discovered, they do not work the same, and will, in some cases, produce worse results than your regular tools. If you do try one of the cloths we sell, you will find that they do work better and faster than paper towels and blue liquid. When you start looking at the cost comparison, you will also see that you are just wasting money and taking more time than necessary when you continue to use old school methods to clean your windows and mirrors.

      (0) (0)
  4. I’d consider it but your spelling errors makes me think this might not be a professional opinion but that of a house cleaner looking to make money

    (0) (0)
    • Really!? We’d be happy to fix any specific spelling errors if you’d be kind enoughto point them out. We know how irritating they can be when you’re trying to clean windows. Meanwhile, we’re forced to question the legitimacy of your comment due to the abundance of grammatical errors contained within. Are you qualified or professional enough to be critical of spelling mistakes? Please help us to come across less like an uneducated house wife, and more like the expert that you require to validate the quality of the advise you seek. That would be great.

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