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Dry air can be a real problem in our homes. Running the furnace in the winter, or the central AC in the summer only help to decrease moisture content and make the air drier. This can lead to breathing problems, dry skin, allergy complications and more. When inhaling air with a low moisture content on a regular basis, it can contribute to asthma symptoms and it can irritate sinuses to cause problems like nose bleeds. Also, over a prolonged period of time, your whole body will become dehydrated due to the depletion of moisture as you breathe. When this happens, you will probably get itchy skin or dry eyes as moisture is sucked from your extremities in order to compensate for the depletion going on, and combat dehydration. When the air stays dry in your home, you will begin to notice that static will begin to build all over. This is an annoying side effect that can lead to mild shocks as you move about your home.

A final, lesser noticed characteristic of a home with dry air, is that it will actually feel colder than it really is. The air becomes less dense, so at the same temperature, a home with humid air will feel warmer than one with dry air. This is nice in the summer because your home will be cooler when you want it to be, but during the colder months it is typically less desirable. Plus, there is a point at which this becomes bad, even in the summer because many people would trade a degree or two for skin that is less irritated or air that is easier to breathe. Anyone that lives in a humid climate knows all about how wet air makes you feel hot, and it works the same way inside as it does outside. If you add moisture, you will make you whole home more comfortable on several levels because it will help regulate the problems caused by the air being too dry.

The main way people go about counteracting stale, dry air brought on by geographical location, or internal climate control is to use a humidifier. You can get one that hooks up to your furnace or central AC and it will add humidity to your entire home as either unit runs. These devices work well, but they are pretty expensive and you will need to have a professional install it in most cases. This is why most of us will opt for a single room unit, and just place them where the most benefit is gained. It is common to see one in the living room, and then several more in other places like bedrooms and dining rooms. Because these units sit in full view, many of us would prefer one that adds to the appeal of our decor rather than detract from it. You want to have a humidifier that is highly efficient and long lasting, but it is also nice to have a decorative piece that will look nice in the room you have it in. This way you can gain all of the added benefits of increased humidity in your home, but you won’t have to stare at one of those sterile looking machines all the time.

A misting fountain is a great choice when looking for a decorative humidifier. They look great as they operate, and they are just as useful as any of those boring looking units. Essentially, they provide all of the benefits of a standard cool mist humidifier, but they look way better, and they are packed with added benefits that regular models don’t offer. When you use a misting fountain to humidify your home, you get a humidifier, an air purifier, a fragrance diffuser and a decorative lighting effect in one. It will pump just as much moisture into the air, and it will also clean it of contaminates at the same time. If you add some oil to the water, it will diffuse the fragrance into the air as it humidifies. Many units are controllable, so you can run them with just mist, or you can have them run with mist and lights. All of the misting fountains we carry are constructed with high quality materials, so you get metal and glass components, and there are several nice looking designs to choose from.

A misting fountain is a very efficient way to humidify your home. Most lower end humidifiers in the same general price range will not work as well. Those units often just spray water at a fan that points upward. This does disperse moisture into the air, but the droplets are pretty large, so not all will be absorbed, and this can lead to messes or general inefficiency of the unit. A misting fountain humidifies with a far finer particle. It is much more like fog or a cloud than it is like water droplets. For this reason, more moisture will be absorbed into the air, and less will end up around the device.

The composition of a misting fountain is essentially a bowl of water with a misting device siting in the middle. The bowl is often supported by a decorative stand, and there are other parts to prevent splashing, but it remains a pretty simple device. The misting unit will sit submerged in water, and when activated, it will begin to produce a thick cloud of natural mist on the top of the water. It will basically be evaporating the water in the bowl in order to create this cloud, and it will float around and absorb into the air in your home. Misting fountain humidifiers areĀ  able to pump a large amount of water into the air without being messy, and since it is such a fine mist, it will mix with dry air better.

As the misting unit runs, it creates fog, and increases humidity, but it also generates negative ions. These negative ions are attracted to the dust and pollen in the air, so they will attach to neutralize and eliminate them. In this way, a misting fountain is able to purify air as it acts as a decorative humidifier. The air will not only be packed with more moisture, it will also have less of the particles in it that cause problems or irritate allergies. If you are looking for a safer and more natural way to deodorize your home, a misting fountain can help there too. Due to the way the cloud of mist is generated, if you add fragrance oil to the water, it can mix the scent into the fog in order to diffuse it into the air as it runs. This means that you will be able to make the air in your home cleaner, better smelling and easier to breathe all at the same time.

You can run any controllable mister without the lights on, but when illuminated it really adds to the visual effect. Each misting unit has 12 LED lights that change colors. There are several different modes to choose from, and you will be able to set it to stay on your favorite one, or cycle through them all. When the lights shine, it will illuminate the glass bowl and the cloud of mist, so both parts will appear to change and take on whichever color is showing. This lighting feature adds extra appeal to an already incredibly functional device. It makes it pretty cool to look at, and almost demands questions from friends and family members that see it.

If you are trying to get rid of dry air in your home, then you are most likely in the market for a single room, cool mist humidifier. You could get a regular looking one, and it will add moisture to the air in order to prevent all of the situations commonly associated with living in dry air, but it won’t provide any benefits beyond that, and it won’t look very nice either. If you would prefer a better looking, more decorative humidifier, then a misting fountain is probably a better choice for you. It is a water feature and a humidifier in one. Instead of hearing the sound of a fan running, you will hear the gentle tinkling of water which is far more relaxing and non intrusive. You will have an amazing looking decor item that also serves a useful function. It will do the job just as well as a traditional unit, and in many ways, it’s operation will be more efficient and more beneficial.

If you already have a boring looking humidifier, a misting fountain would be a good upgrade or replacement unit. If you are just beginning to solve the problem of dry air in your home, then this humidifier option is a great place to start. Forget about that dry throat or itchy nose, and stop applying dose after dose of lotion to combat dry, itchy skin. Get a misting fountain to humidify your home and you will breathe easier and also have something great to look at too.

Misting Fountain Humidifier



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