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Keep your grill cleanBackyard barbecues are awesome. Cleaning up…. Not so much.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get someone else to clean up the huge mess you make after you finish cooking on the grill? Of course it would. But if you had that kind of scratch on hand, you would probably cater the party, or order out for dinner instead. It seems like no matter what precautions you take, or what food you cook, you will always have to deal with the tedious torture that is cleaning up afterward. Or will you?

We all have a collection of tools that includes pokers, scrapers, sponges, brushes and other stuff, but all of those are for tackling the build up once it’s cooked on there. The key to simple clean up is never getting the food, sauce and oil on the grill in the first place. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to skip the barbecue altogether, but then you’ll miss out on the fresh air and delicious flavor. The next easiest way would be to protect the surface by putting a barrier between the food and the grate.

Plenty of people use tin foil for this purpose, and others use some sort of stainless steel tray or something similar. These are pretty bad choices, but also widely used by folks that don’t know any better. The stainless steel options are kinda nice because you can use them more than once, but they will be impossible to clean, and they will also affect the cooking process. There will be no grill marks on your food, and it may take more or less time to finish, depending on what is being grilled. Also, forget about cooking fish or anything delicate because it’s pretty much guaranteed to stick. Foil is questionable as far as how healthy it may or may not be to cook on, but cleaning it up is as easy as tossing it out. It will almost certainly cause problems that reduce quality depending on what you cook, and there is no possibility of reusing it. Once again, you will not get any grill marks, and some stuff will stick like glue to the surface.

A Better Way

Our grill mats provide one of the best non-stick surfaces for any barbecue, and they’re also totally reusable, and incredibly easy to clean. When compared to foil and other options, they will save you money, reduce effort, improve results, and allow you to prepare food that makes you look like a professional chef. Because nothing sticks to the surface, it will wipe clean with little effort, and notoriously tough substances like BBQ sauce will be simple to clean off. Thanks to the versatile surface, you can easily grill fish and veggies, and everything will still look like it came from the grill because you will still get grill marks. Because it’s higher quality and thicker than most alternatives out there, you can expect a safe surface that will work as advertised for hundreds of backyard cooking sessions.

grilling on non-stick, washable surfaceTake a look at the picture above. We literally loaded down the mat with food, and we didn’t keep it safe by just doing hot dogs and hamburgers either. You can barely see the mat in the photo, but it was positioned under the chicken and franks for the entire cooking cycle. The drumsticks were slow cooked, and basted several times over with a sweet and sticky sauce, and the hot dogs were left to cook like normal on a clean section of the mat. Under normal conditions, this process would have resulted in most of the sauce dripping down onto the coals to put out the fire, while the rest of it caramelized onto the grate. Very little would be left to flavor the chicken, or keep it moist. Because we had the mat in place, the chicken was able to grill in it’s own sauce for an incredibly flavorful coating and a nice moist interior.

clean grillOnce the food was removed from the grill, the mat looked pretty worked over. You can see little bits of grease, food chunks, burnt sauce and other gross leftovers covering the entire surface. Without the mat, all of this stuff would have been cooked onto the grate, or left to fall down into the interior of the grill. Over time, these little bits would build up to make the whole thing pretty yucky, and in the short term, it would force extensive cleaning to prepare for the next grilled meal. Because we had the mat in place, our grill is no more dirty than when we started, so the only thing left to do is clean the mat, and lucky for us, this can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

washing your grill matTo clean a grill mat, you could just wipe it off with a rag and leave it in place, but you could also bring it inside for a more thorough cleaning, and storage in your kitchen.

  1. To prepare for washing, allow it to cool completely.
  2. Once cool, bring inside and position inside your kitchen sink.
  3. Use dish soap and water to clean like any non-stick cooking surface.
  4. Be sure to avoid sharp utensils, or abrasive materials as they may harm it.
  5. Most substances will glide right off the mat when wiped, but some may require a short soaking period.
  6. After a few seconds, your mat will look like the one in the picture below, and it will be totally ready to use all over again.

Washed and ready to reuse - grill mat.Stop sweating to get the grate clean, and don’t cook on dirty surfaces or questionable materials again. Our BBQ mats will improve your ability to cook, and also save you time and reduce effort when it’s time to clean up. If you always lay down a mat before putting your food on the grill, you’ll never have to use a wire brush or scraper again. A quick wipe with a damp rag, or a momentary soak in the sink will be all it takes to get your grill ready to go again. Save your effort for more enjoyable outdoor activities, and cook on a mat that practically cleans itself.


Because they’re heat safe and non-stick, there are plenty of uses for these mats off the grill too. They’re guaranteed to make grill clean up a snap, but in winter, you can use them in your oven to prevent baked goods from sticking, or to catch drips at the bottom. You can also cover food that you microwave to prevent splatters, or roll dough on your counter without putting down flour first.


Take with you when traveling to protect yourself and others from grilling surfaces that are already dirty or rusted. When picnicking at the park, or camping in the wilderness, these can provide an easily portable cooking surface that you can use over and over again. Simply place over what’s there to avoid cooking on other people’s food, or contaminating your own with whatever is there that can’t be cleaned off. You will instantly transform any questionable public grill into one that is totally safe and ready to go in seconds.

Top Quality

You can now find similar products sold elsewhere, (Of course you can. They’re awesome.) but you should be wary of the quality offered. Cheaper versions of this item can be unsafe in some cases, and lower quality in most. The competition is thinner, and the coating is a lower quality material. This results in uneven cooking, rapid deterioration, tough clean up, warped mats and all sorts of other trouble. Ours have been thoroughly tested and proven to work well. They hold up for hundreds of washes, and they will help you cook amazing food with less effort. Do yourself a favor, and stick with a proven time and money saver that won’t just be the cause of new problems. Get our grill mat and take pride a grill that’s always clean, without any effort on your part.

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