A Bathmat For Dogs

Our microfiber bathmats are perfect for washing your pets. They are great for humans too, but one of the ideal uses for these mats often goes overlooked. Because of the many great features of these mats, they are perfectly suited for use when giving your dog a bath.

Treat your dog to a soft and comfortable microfiber mat, and you will be eliminating the bulk of the mess associated with bathing an animal at the same time. This bathmat is super absorbent, so even the amount of water a large dog creates outside of the tub is quickly soaked up and held inside the advanced fibers of this mat. This means less hair sticking to a wet floor, less water tracked throughout the house, and less of a chance you or your dog will fall on those slippery when wet bathroom floors. Microfiber absorbs water so quickly that your dogs paws will be nearly bone dry just by stepping on this mat. Just quickly dry the rest of him or her with a microfiber towel and your dog will be good to go in less time than ever before. Your dog will like the mat because of the soft feel, and you will love it thanks to the decreased messiness and the shorter amount of time you will have to spend in order to clean your dog.

Millions of tiny “microfiber” threads will soak up water like a sponge in order to eliminate wet prints on your floors and rugs and keep your house clean. Your dog will feel pampered by the super soft feel of this fluffy microfiber rug, and it even has a non-slip coating on the bottom, so no amount of shaking will cause it to move from where you place it. This feature makes your job quick and easy, but also adds to the safety of this mat. It is also incredibly easy to care for because it can be machine washed whenever necessary. Just pop it in the wash to clean just like any other laundry. This versatile bathmat can also be used under your pets bowls at feeding time too. It really keeps the spills and drips to a minimum as it soaks up every drop of water splashed by your dog. It also catches and locks in other dirt and debris, so even the food mess made by your dog will be lessened by using one of these mats.

Most people hate giving their dog a bath because it can be a real time consuming and messy job. The amount of water left behind, dripped behind and shook behind by your dog is the biggest culprit, so just by eliminating that, you can make the job a whole lot easier. This incredibly absorbent mat will soak up tons of water in order to leave less of a mess for you to clean up. This makes the whole chore a little more manageable. And when the bath is over, this mat is also fast drying. Just hang it up and it will dry completely in less time than a cotton version would.

Microfiber Bathmat

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