7 Quick And Easy Contemporary Interior Decorating Ideas

1. Create balance – To get a feeling of harmony in your home create balance in your decorating. Pay attention to the details! It could be a theme, a fabric or a color that you repeat. If your favorite color is red,(but the family think that is to much to paint the living room wall in that color), add some red details to the area instead, red pillows, red curtains, a painting with red in it, red area rug… Do not clutter, keep it simple.

2. Choose some encouraging words to put on your wall – Make your home personal. What inspires you and your family? Decorating should be personal and what is more personal than an inspiring message on the wall. It could be a classic message or words you put together yourselves. I personally have – Do the thing you think you can not do, by Eleanor Roosevelt inspiring me daily, on my wall. You can paint them your selves or use templates. You can also order online.

3. Rearrange the furniture you have – Rearrange the furniture you already own, it will not get cheaper than that. Sometimes by just changing the setting you will get a totally new room. Clean out what you don’t like or want. Change position of a chair, move a picture… Do not put all your furniture along the wall, if you have a long room try to move the couch out in the middle of the room or maybe an armchair. If you have a book shelf you can divide your long room in to two sections. Put a nice fabric on the back and it will look great from both sides.

4. Play with your light – Great light is very important, critical to a lot of interior decorators. Nothing can uplift a room as much as the right light does. You can play with colored lamps and put light were it surprises you. Buy a new lamp or move the lights around, try what works for you. One idea is to put rope light along a stairway or an outdoor entrance.

5. Concentrate the art – Make a picture wall or a wall with art, with a different shape, use your imagination to create the outer shape of the frames. Have the same frames in different sizes, in line with the same distance between the frames. The main rule is to line the pictures up either by bottom edge or top edge of the frames or have a mid line between the pictures. The picture looks best in eye level. Big colorful paintings do themselves best on a big wall with a lot of space around the piece. You can also group pictures with similar motives, colors or feeling together. Try different combinations before you start putting the nails in the walls. Putting a light on a special picture or painting, can make a huge difference.

6. Modern with fabric – Fabric is a fantastic material that comes in so many colors and patterns. You can get them in large wall hangings or smaller pieces of fabric on a frame. They are very affordable. Check out www.avecdeco.com they have fantastic contemporary style wall hangings. They also have a lot of Scandinavian inspired products.

7. Use all your senses – It is not just what we see and feel that is importing to decorating but also what we smell, taste and hear. A fresh bouquet of flowers is the oldest quickest decorating idea. There is something special about fresh air so make sure you get that fresh air in your house, often. You can also use your favorite candle or incense and of course make sure you have some nice music to listen to, this will make a different in the total impression.

Veronica Lanzer is a successful freelance writer and the owner of http://www.avecdeco.com an interior decorating shop with modern contemporary products.

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