5 Ways To Make Your House Healthier Today

With the increase in health problems across the world, creating a healthy home has become a top priority. It is not uncommon to hear of allergies disappearing, rashes clearing up or headaches becoming a distant memory when a family takes charge of their environment. Here are 5 simple steps you can start taking today to make your house a healthy place to be. 1)Raid your pantry: If you have never thought about what you toss in your grocery cart you are in for an eye-opener. There are two big ingredients that destroy your health every time you consume them: Partially Hydrogenated Oils (trans fats) and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). If you have either of these anywhere in your house, trash them. Don’t worry about the waste factor. You wouldn’t want to pass on the “poison” to someone else. Trans fats are artery clogging fats that provide zero benefit to the body. Trans fats are created in a laboratory by adding extra hydrogens (hence the name partially hydrogented) to the existing fat molecule. This is done to extend the shelf life of food products. Monosodium Glutamate is a neurotoxin. Neuro means nerve and toxin means death. Nerve death is never a good thing primarily because your nerves cells don’t grow back!

2)Make a menu and grocery list: By making a weekly menu with corresponding grocery list you are limiting what you buy. When you walk blindly into the store you are more likely to grab what sounds good at that moment and what is most convenient. Instant gratification and convenience almost always guarantees an unhealthy choice. Choose a cookbook with healthy recipes to create your menu from. The Sonoma Diet has fresh healthy recipes and daily meal plans. A cookbook with preplanned meals is a great springboard for creating a healthy habit. Once you have created your menu of all meals for the week go through the recipes and write down the ingredients you don’t have. Making the list is the easy part. It’s sticking to it that can take some practice. Just remember if you’re shopping on the perimeter of the store your in the “healthy” zone.

3)Remove disposable diapers and disposable sanitary products: Disposable diapers contain known carcinogenic chemicals called Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate. Dioxin is created in the bleaching process and Sodium Polyacrylate is the gel crystals that absorb liquid in a diaper. Cloth diapers and cloth menstral pads are an economical, environmental and healthy alternative to disposable products. This transition is one of the more difficult ones. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and your mind is most likely racing with millions of faulty preconceived ideas. Reading other”s experiences and strategies on a blog like All About Cloth Diapers will set your fears and doubts to rest. With the internet today you can learn from other people’s mistakes and drastically decrease the learning curve.

4)Inspect your cleaning products: Removing harmful chemicals like bleach, sodium lauryl sulfate, 1-4, Dioxane and Propylene Glycol are positive steps towards creating a healthy environment for your family. There are many “green” cleaning products on the market today making this transition an easy one. Some alternatives include: Ecover Dish Washing Detergent, Crunchy Clean Laundry Detergent, Burt’s Bees Honey Milk Lotion, Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap, Clorox Green or Vinegar for counter tops and windows. Make a list of all the cleaning products in your house and set goals for when you will phase the unhealthy out. It may take your 3-6 months to complete the task but every step brings you closer to a healthy house.

5)Drink more water and less soda: We’ve all heard the recommendation of 8 8oz glasses of water a day at minimum or else dehydration sets in. Whether or not this recommendation is accurate, the truth is drinking water is never bad (unless you are over doing it by the gallons). Transitioning your soda intake by reducing one at a time is the best start. Sodas have many harmful chemicals in them. Aside from the High Fructose Corn Syrup that spikes your blood sugar and predisposes you to diabetes, there is Phosphoric Acid. Phosphoric Acid leaches your bones of Phosphorous causing them to be more brittle. Next time you reach for that can of Coke, grab a glass of water instead.

Autumn Beck is a mother to 3 constantly working to make her house a healthier place for her family. Autumn invites you to learn more about natural living by visiting her blog at: http://www.allaboutclothdiapers.com/

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