lighter holder

Never Lose Your Lighter Again!

Gotta light? Of course you do. You’re super smart so you have one always at the ready thanks to your Lighter Holder. Lighter […]

Remove registration or inpection sticker

Complete Registration Sticker Removal In 5 Easy Steps

It’s annoying enough to have to register your car, but changing out the sticker only makes it worse. Discover an easy way to clean it off completely.

cleaning sandstone

Cleaning A Sandstone Surround

Although sandstone is a porous material, it can be quite easy to clean. Even with tough stains caused by soot. Discover a safe method that’s highly effective.

Recent Tips

Shredding Cabbage The Easy Way

You don’t have to be a professional chef to shred cabbage by hand. Stop wasting money on pre-bagged garbage, and eat fresh stuff instead.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake In Your Microwave

Make a fancy & flavorful dessert in under 15 minutes. Microwave cake can taste just as good as the traditionally baked variety when you follow these steps.

Cleaning a Marker Stain on Carpeting

Artwork by children is great, except when it’s on your rug. Discover a fast & effective way to clean marker lines off your carpet without any risk of damage

Remove Blue Paint From A White Shirt

Oh No! Blue Paint on a white shirt creates a pretty wicked stain. Follow these easy steps to completely remove a paint stain from any type of clothing.

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