clean soot from brick or stone

Cleaning Fireplace Soot from Brick or Stone

Make that dingy surface look new again. Soot & smoke will coat brick & stone with a black residue. Use the best tools & techniques to make cleaning it easy.

remove dust with ease

Remove Dust With Ease

Safer, more powerful tools make removing dust from any surface a quick & easy task. Keep your house clean, & eliminate allergies. Acts like a dust magnet.

how to clean leather

How to Clean Leather

Most of us don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning leather. Popular methods can be expensive or ineffective, so follow these steps for success.

Recent Tips

doing laundry

10 Tips For Living Without A Washer And Dryer

Living without a washer and dryer doesn’t have to be a daily nightmare. Use these ten tips to make life easier when these crucial appliances are missing.

organize back seat of car

Kid Friendly Storage For Your Back Seat

Imagine a road trip without the high pitched screams coming from the back seat. Get this organizer to provide food, toys and entertainment to keep them quiet.

techni ice pack

Ice Packs That Stay Cold For DAYS

Need to ship a kidney across the country? Have a life saving vaccine that needs to remain cold while traveling to the other […]

swingy thing toy

Finger Fueled Fun For All Ages

No batteries, no cords, and no screens. Just non stop action, and brain busting challenges that make it impossible to put down. This […]

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